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Inspire Training Group is run entirely by people that have first-hand experience in therapeutic parenting, fostering and adoption.

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To review effects of attachment on development. Understand the importance of connection and empathy. To discuss how to develop a Therapeutic dialogue. Course Length - 120 minutes  This intervention will expire 30 days after purchase Read More

            Developmental Trauma and the Effects on Child Development.     GLH: 10 hours.   This unit enables the learner to research and reflect on the impact of developmental trauma across developmental domains (Physical, Psychological, Neurological, Cognitive, Emotional and Social).  The learner will gain understanding of the reasons why traumatised children can develop challenging modes of behaviour (adapted to survive) and why these are resistant to change.   This course can be used as evidence for part of the Level 3 Diploma in Therapeutic Parenting Unit 1 (2.1, 2.2) Fostering Attachments Ltd t/a Inspire Training Group © 2019 Therapeutic Parenting. NB. This course can form part of the Diploma in Therapeutic Parenting. The 50% discount NATP members receive does not apply, please contact inspire@fosteringattachments.co.uk to find out what discounts are available for NATP Members.  Read More

"First time I have ever engaged and felt connected to a topic. Thoroughly enjoyed it and wish I had done it before" - D.H, Foster Carer "For me it was so insightful to listen to personal experiences of being in the care system and what really made a positive difference." - C.F, Foster Carer SGO   Why do some children need therapeutic parenting? How is it different from ‘standard’ parenting? How can we practically put therapeutic parenting strategies in place and make a REAL difference? UK leading expert Sarah Naish, and her adopted daughter Rosie Jefferies, answer all of these questions and more in a clear and compelling manner. Inspirational, moving and motivational. If you are struggling to re parent a child who has suffered early life trauma, this, recorded live Seminar, is a MUST SEE!   This recording will expire 30 days after enrolment. Read More

This is a recorded version of a live webinar held in relation to Covid-19. During this webinar we will be looking at transitions, what they look and why the children’s behaviour escalates or changes dramatically following the change. We will look at factors that may affect transitions: • Fear of change • Emotional age • Fear of adults • Being in control • Lack of cause and effect thinking • Separation anxiety • Sensory issues And finally, we will end with strategies. This intervention will expire 30 days after purchase. Read More

This is a recorded version of a live webinar held in relation to the school closures, due to Covid-19. As Therapeutic Patents we don't want to blur the lines between teacher and parent, why not join us for more information on home-schooling and managing it during this tricky time, in a way that supports Therapeutic Parenting.   In this webinar we will be looking at:   Structure:  Timetabling, getting the mix right, managing routines, keeping to current timings for getting up and bed time routines.   Life Skills:  Opportunity to develop skills according to ability and developmental age, from making drinks and sandwiches to creating a meal, baking, helping with chores such as laundry, washing up etc.   Topic Webs:  Use your children’s interests to explore learning domains (physical development, creativity, numeracy, literacy and communication, knowledge and understanding of the world (can include geography, ecology, history and science).   Activities: a discussion about activities both indoor and outdoor and some pointers to resources.  To include your fun activities to look out for and others.   This intervention will expire after 30 days.  Read More

This is a recorded version of a live webinar held in relation to Covid-19. This course will help all parents to understand food related issues. We will look at the causes of food related issues and provide strategies to help manage food related issues, including:  • Sugar Addictions • Hoarding Food • Taking (Stealing) Food • Rejection of Food/Meals • Fussy/Slow Eating  Course Length - 60 minutes  This intervention will expire after 30 days of purchase.  Read More

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