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Inspire Training Group is run entirely by people that have first-hand experience in therapeutic parenting, fostering and adoption.

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Please only watch this video if you are in the process of becoming a Listening Circle Mentor for the National Association of Therapeutic Parents, you will need a voucher code to watch this video which will be supplied to you by the NATP admin team once you have expressed your interest in becoming a Listening Circle Mentor. Read More

Are you struggling to connect to your child? Do you feel like you are at the end of your tether, exhausted, can't go on? If so you may be suffering from compassion fatigue (or blocked care). This is our immediate online intervention which will help you right now. Please note, hand-outs are downloadable/printable. This course will expire 30 days after purchase Read More

A comprehensive certificated course for social workers, managers and other supporting professionals who wish to learn practical strategies to help carers to overcome blocked care, (compassion fatigue). The course will assist professionals to consolidate therapeutic parenting knowledge, and to work more effectively with parents and carers. This course will expire 30 days after purchase Read More

There have been lots of requests for us to make a video version of Sarah Naish and Rosie Jefferies' popular therapeutic children's books so your children can watch them over (and over)! We are pleased to launch the first one!! 'Rosie Rudey and the Very Annoying Parent' read by Rosie Rudey and her Very Annoying Parent!! This story helps children who are resistant to attaching, defiant and rude. The video shows Sarah and Rosie (Rudey) reading the story personally! Written by Sarah Naish and Rosie Jefferies, illustrated by Amy Farrell, Part of the Therapeutic Parenting Books series Book Overview Today Rosie Rudey has had enough of her annoying family. She'll be just fine on her own. Will Rosie like it as much as she thinks without her family? Will she be lured back by the smell of dinner cooking and the sounds of her brother and sisters playing? This is the perfect story for any child who is scared of getting close There is no video expiry date for this purchase Read More

This course explains why children with AD do this, how it makes you feel, and gives practical strategies to reduce the behaviour, while making you feel better and more connected. All our courses will help to 'heal their brain' and build links between cause and effect using empathy. This course will expire 30 days after purchase Read More

Holidays can be stressful for therapeutic parents and their children. This informative short set of three videos gives parents and carers strategies to; Manage end of term stresses when routines change Help to manage long school holidays Have more successful, less stressful family holidays away. This intervention will expire 7 days after purchase Read More

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