Inspire Training Group is run entirely by people that have first-hand experience in therapeutic parenting, fostering and adoption. We have not only fostered and adopted but have also worked as social workers, residential child care workers and even owned and run an 'Outstanding' therapeutic fostering agency. Inspire training no longer run any fostering agency, but now devote all our time to developing skills around therapeutic parenting. We are the sector leader in identifying and implementing strategies and resources relating to Compassion Fatigue (blocked care). We have commissioned research with University of Bristol on the major ways in which compassion fatigue impacts on foster carers, adopters and their supporting social workers (link below). We offer comprehensive practical strategies to address attachment related behavioural challenges in children and compassion fatigue in carers, which go hand in hand.

Inspire Training will share strategies THAT WORK, and interventions they have employed to great effect in making REAL and life changing differences to relationships in foster care/ adoption.


Compassion Fatigue research findings:

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