The Trauma Revolution
Easy access learning for all Therapeutic Parents and supporting professionals 

Whether you are a busy parent looking for a quick solution to help manage your child, or a more experienced therapeutic parent/supporting professional needing certificated easy learning for your CPD, you're in the right place!

Sarah Naish, best-selling author of ‘The A to Z of Therapeutic Parenting’ uses her famous straightforward, no jargon approach to give you top tips to help you to understand:

Why children do the things they do

Why these behaviour happen

How we meet that behaviour to improve everyone’s lives


No writing required! Make a cup of coffee and watch the videos. You deserve a break!


Keeping your CPD up to date doesn't have to be a hard slog!

You can choose to watch any one of our videos from a targeted 10 minute strategy to a full day Therapeutic Parenting course. After watching your course, you will automatically receive a Certificate as evidence of attendance.


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