Lost and Lonely: Teens in Crisis (LIVE Recorded Webinar)

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Course Length
60 mins

Sophie Naish

08 Jun 2020

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Are your teen children driving you mad, uncommunicative, sleeping away the day and hard to connect with? 
Are they breaking regulations and going out whenever they like? 
Does it feel harder than ever to connect? 

Then this webinar is for you...

During this webinar we will:
• Help explore your own feelings around your child.
• Share common themes today for peer support.
• Look at the Toddler Teen.
• Understand teen behaviours.
• Look at what’s happening in their brains?
• Discuss reconnection and repair.

Course length: 60 minutes  

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Teens in Crisis
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Added 18 days ago, by Anonymous
Added 20 days ago, by Phil
We have had this with our young person ,who loves school and couldn't not go into school.
Added 21 days ago, by amanda
Great course and very helpful.
Added 4 months ago, by Anonymous
Interesting topic. I've read the Dan Siegel book Jane refers to so it was good to have further input on ESSENCE.
Added 5 months ago, by Anonymous
great information!
Added 5 months ago, by Dorothy
found it informative
Added 9 months ago, by Anonymous
great content
Added 9 months ago, by Anonymous
Very useful for parents or carers of children whom are experiencing anxiety particularly in relation to covid.
Added 9 months ago, by Anonymous
Good infomraiton but done post covid so particular to time.
Added 10 months ago, by Annette
Definitely was very hard for young people during the pandemic having house full of teens and young people and them having to continue to work in care environments, and scared of the risks, also educate at home whilst I still had to work was very difficult. I really feel for all parents that found it hard and their children experiencing difficulties in that time.

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