Understanding your Traumatised Child

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13 mins

Rosie Jefferies

09 Nov 2015



Why do our children DO the things they do??!!

Like you, 22 years ago, I (Sarah Naish) probably said this 100 times a day about my five adopted children.

You don't have to wait 22 years to find out.

Watch our free video which explains how they think and why they behave this way-change your life in 15 minutes.



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Understanding your Traumatised Child
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Added 5 days ago, by Giuliano
Added 7 days ago, by Rebecca
See previous course comment.
Added 10 days ago, by Anonymous
Added 12 days ago, by Claire
very insightful course and thought provoking.
Added 12 days ago, by Steven
easy to follow and understand
Added 17 days ago, by Susan
Very informative and helped me think better
Added 19 days ago, by Anonymous
I found the course informative.
Added 23 days ago, by Anonymous
Added 24 days ago, by Anonymous
needed to see more
Added 24 days ago, by Anonymous
Excellent reminder.

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