#4 How to.... Deal with Food Issues

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6 mins

Rosie Jefferies

24 Sep 2015

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Is your child a slow eater? Do they reject your food and complain about it? If this behaviour is driving you mad, then you need the quick strategies and common sense in our 5 minute video series. #4 How to deal with food issues... Fussy/ slow/ rejecting. NB all videos are designed to help carers of children who have suffered trauma.

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#4 How to.... Deal with Food Issues
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Added about 1 month ago, by Anonymous
Good information
Added about 1 month ago, by Anonymous
the course was too short
Added 2 months ago, by Anonymous
Lack of content
Added 2 months ago, by Linda
very good
Added 4 months ago, by Claire
Too short as i wanted to learn more.
Added 4 months ago, by Anonymous
course was fortcoming
Added 4 months ago, by Anonymous
Added 5 months ago, by sarah
quick and practical
Added 5 months ago, by Suzi
very helpful in learning just not to get stressed
Added 6 months ago, by Lyndsey
It was helpful for our very slow eater

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