Level 3 Diploma in Therapeutic Parenting - Unit 10 Managing Aggression and Violence (OPTION UNIT)

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05 Jul 2017

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Unit 10 – Managing Aggression and Violence (Optional Unit)

Guided Learning Hours (GLH): 22
Unit 10 is an optional unit designed for Parents, Significant carers and Supporting Professionals where there is aggression and violence perpetrated in the home. Completion of this unit will give the learner deeper understanding of the links between early experiences of developmental trauma which can lead to violence and aggression being demonstrated at home, whether this is violence towards family members or generalised destructive behaviours.

The learner will explore issues of adverse early experience, neurological development, attachment theory and key triggers which will give them a sound knowledge base to be able to identify essential strategies which have been proven to be effective in de-escalation and relationship repair. In addition the main model of Child to Parent Violence proposed by Haim Omer and developed in the UK by Peter Jakob – Non Violent Resistance – will be discussed to understand how the strategies can be implemented and why they are effective. 

This unit has been designed to allow individual strategies to be developed for Parents and Significant Carers as well as giving greater insight and tools for Supporting Professionals to enable them to have more effective positive impact on families that struggle with aggression and violence.


This unit is part of the Level 3 Diploma in Therapeutic Parenting. Individuals who decide to purchase the course from this page do so at their own risk, and the cost of the course is non refundable.


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This unit is part of the Diploma in Therapeutic Parenting which is unregulated qualification accredited with the Awarding Body NCFE. It is aimed at parents who are caring for children who have experienced developmental trauma. It is also aimed at supporting professionals who are working with families in order to support them, which can be used as evidence for Continuing Professional Development.


This Unit is comprised of 4 learning outcomes which need to be completed in order to achieve the module.
Learners will develop an understanding of the link between early experiences of Developmental Trauma and Aggression and Violence. Attachment, adverse early experience, neurological development will be re-examined along with known key triggers for escalation to enable the learner to make crucial links between Developmental Trauma and violence and aggression in the home.  This outcome will enable the learner to explain adverse behaviours in terms of known key triggers, stress responses and the developmental stage of the child or young person.

Learners will develop an understanding of the importance of strong and consistent Parental presence in relation to managing Aggression and Violence. The learner will review the Therapeutic Parenting techniques which have been discussed throughout the course and will gain additional understanding of the importance of key issues in helping to reconcile relationships that have been damaged by violence and aggression. The learner will also be able to explore self care and self calming techniques and build successful and effective support systems.
Learners will develop an understanding of the importance of de-escalation to reduce stress responses in both adults and children. This outcome gives the learner an opportunity to explore stressors within the family and understand the importance of de-escalation in reducing the stress threshold.  Learners will be able to develop strategies to step away from conflict and explain why these are effective in reducing overall stress and incidence of conflicts.
Learners will develop an understanding of how Non Violent Resistance (NVR) strategies can be implemented to minimise safeguarding issues which may arise. The final outcome of this unit enables the learner to discuss safeguarding issues which arise where there is aggression and violence in the home and to explore and discuss NVR strategies which may be implemented to reduce these risks and create a safer home environment.

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Unit 10 Aim and Objectives.
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10a) Building the Connections in the Brain.
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10a) Brain Development.
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10a) Brain Development - Questions.
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10b) Creating the right environment for the growing brain.
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10b) Creating the right environment for the growing brain - knowledge check.
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10c) Attachment and the Brain.
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10d) The Role of meaningful relationships.
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10d) The Role of meaningful relationships.
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10e) Escalations, stressors and triggers.
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10f) “Flipping your Lid.”
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10g) Naming the Need.
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10g) Parental Presence.
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10g) Parental Presence - Questions
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10h) Introduction to Non Violent Resistance (NVR)
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10i) Supporting Professionals.
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10j) Supporting Basket.
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10k) De-escalation.
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10l) Reconciliation Gestures.
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10m) Looking after yourself.
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10n) Directed Reading Task: Questions.
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Unit Assessment
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Unit Assessment Task 1
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Reflective Journal Task
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Unit Evaluation.
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