Level 3 Diploma in Therapeutic Parenting - Unit 11 Understanding Other Therapeutic Models which Compliment or Enhance Therapeutic Parenting. (OPTION UNIT)

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Sarah Penna

05 Jul 2017

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Unit 11 – Understanding other Therapeutic Models which compliment or enhance Therapeutic Parenting (Optional Unit)
Guided Learning Hours (GLH): 22
Unit 11 is an optional unit giving the learner opportunities to undertake detailed research into additional therapeutic interventions which have been identified as being complementary Therapeutic Parenting and effectively strengthening attachment relationships within the family.  
The learner will be able to compare and contrast differing approaches and evaluate the effectiveness in strengthening relationships and increasing security and stability for a child or young person who has a background of developmental trauma.  
This unit also asks the learner to explore the concept of triangulation and explain the implications within a family unit for the Parent or Significant Carers and the child or young person, and develops the learner’s understanding of why it is important to use interventions which enhance relationships and reduce triangulation.


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This unit is part of the Diploma in Therapeutic Parenting which is unregulated qualification accredited with the Awarding Body NCFE. It is aimed at parents who are caring for children who have experienced developmental trauma. It is also aimed at supporting professionals who are working with families in order to support them, which can be used as evidence for Continuing Professional Development.


This unit is comprised of 2 learning outcomes which must be completed for the unit to be achieved.

Exploration of different therapeutic interventions which work best in strengthening attachment relationship between child and parent/significant carer. The learner will be able to identify and describe the different interventions and explain the main concepts behind each theory, compare their approaches and evaluate the strengths of each in strengthening attachment relationships between the child or young person and the Parent or Significant Carer.
Learners will develop an understanding of why therapeutic parenting supports therapeutic  interventions which focus on enhancing the relationship between child and parent/significant carer and reducing triangulation.

The learner will be able to define the term triangulation which is used in therapy and will also be able to explain the implications of triangulation when considered in the context of the adoptive or foster family and how relationships within the family unit may be affected. The learner will also be able to consider how triangulation may affect relationships between Parents or Significant carer and Supporting Professionals.

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Unit 11 Aim and Objectives
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11a) Introduction to Unit.
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11b) Different Therapeutic Interventions - Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP)
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11b) Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) continued.
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11c) Different Therapeutic Interventions: Theraplay.
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11c) Different Therapeutic Interventions: Theraplay continued.
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11c) Different Therapeutic Interventions: Directed reading task.
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11d) Different Therapeutic Interventions - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. (CBT)
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11e) Different Therapeutic Interventions - Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
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11f) Different Therapeutic Interventions - FILAIL Therapy.
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11g) Different Therapeutic Interventions - Play Therapy. (PTUK)
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11h) Different Therapeutic Interventions - (Attachment Focused) Therapy.
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11i) Different Therapeutic Interventions - Life Story Works.
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11j) Different Therapeutic Interventions - Therapy Dogs.
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11k) - 'Triangulation' in therapy.
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Unit Assessment
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Unit Assessment Task 1
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Unit Assessment Task 2
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Reflective Journal Task
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Unit Evaluation.
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