An Anxious Child is not A Learning Child (LIVE Recorded Webinar)

4 modules


Danielle Whatling-Gleadall

21 Jul 2021

£0 - 9


Bringing Parents and Teachers together, for better outcomes for children.  

  1. To identify and understand how a child with Developmental Trauma can behave in the classroom and at home. 

  2. To understand the relationship between the parent and the teacher. 

  3. And the final aim is ‘To focus on the fostering of the relationship between the parent and teacher in order for a child to become less anxious and feel safe enough to learn in the classroom.

Course Length: 60 minutes

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An Anxious Child is not A Learning Child
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Added 11 days ago, by Anonymous
Only related to certain age group (primary) and certain type of child. Not the full array of behaviours exhibited by traumatised children.
Added 11 days ago, by Paul
The course was really interesting, gave me a better understanding of how to effective work with a school to support a child's needs.
Added 11 days ago, by Anonymous
Very informative webinar regarding Child Anxiety
Added 18 days ago, by Anonymous
A really informative course really well presented and easy to follow
Added 22 days ago, by Anonymous
Presentation was good but I still miss face to face training.
Added about 1 month ago, by Anonymous
thank you!
Added about 1 month ago, by Rosemary
Added about 1 month ago, by Maria
Added about 2 months ago, by Anonymous
Good courses to inform, inspire and remind us of the difficulties our children face and how we can respond and help
Added 2 months ago, by Mel
Good for new carers

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